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The advantages and disadvantages of Windows and doors.

- Jan 09, 2018 -


1. Good thermal insulation of window of model steel door, aluminum-plastic composite profiles of plastic low thermal conductivity, heat insulation effect than aluminum 1250 times, and have good air tightness, although outdoor tens of degrees below zero in cold region, indoor is another world.

2. Plastic steel doors and Windows sound insulation good: its structure is carefully designed, the joints are tight, test results, sound insulation 30db, meeting the relevant standards.

3. Plastic steel doors and Windows are resistant to impact: because of the aluminum alloy, it is much stronger than the steel window.

4. Model steel doors and Windows air tightness is good: the aluminum plastic compound window each aperture is installed with a multi-channel sealing wool strip or rubber strip, air tightness is one level, can give full play to the air conditioning effect, and save 50% energy.

5. Good water tightness: the door and window design has the rain structure, the rain completely cut off from the outside, the water tightness conforms to the national relevant standard.

6. Good fireproof of window of model steel door: model steel door window is UPVC material, not spontaneous combustion, do not help combustion.

7. Plastic steel doors and Windows security good: aluminum plastic composite Windows, the configuration of fine hardware accessories and advanced decorative locks, make thieves helpless.

8. Maintenance: aluminum plastic composite profile is not easy to be eroded by acid and alkali, it will not become yellow and fade, almost without maintenance. When dirty, can be washed with water and cleaning agent, clean after clean.

9. The best design: the aluminum plastic composite window is scientifically designed, with reasonable energy saving profile, so it is recognized and praised by the national authorities, which can add luster to the building.


Defect 1: PVC material is not good steel, must be added in the internal steel bar to increase the hardness.

The defect of model steel 2: fireproof performance is slightly poor, if the condition with high fire requirement condition is relatively high, recommend to use aluminium alloy material.

The defect of model steel 3: plastic steel material brittleness is big, compare aluminium alloy to want heavier, when burning, toxic discharge.

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