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The combustion performance, fire stability and refractory limit of gypsum board

- Jan 26, 2018 -


   Combustion performance is for the characteristics of the material itself, the material burning performance is divided into four levels: A-level non-flammable, B1-level refractory, B2-level combustible, B3-grade flammable. Gypsum board belongs to B1 grade refractory material, but in the "building interior Decoration Design Fire Code" 2nd 0.4, it is very clear that "the installation on the steel keel burning performance to reach the B1 level of gypsum board, mineral Wool Board sound-absorbing board, can be used as a grade otherwise materials."

  Fire stability is the standard of the physical properties of Gypsum board, refers to the burning under high temperature fire, refractory gypsum board to maintain the performance of not breaking, generally used refractory time to measure, the longer the stability of the fire with better. In the international gb/t9775-1999 "Gypsum Board" clearly stipulates: Refractory gypsum board fire stability of more than 20 minutes. Long brand refractory gypsum board fire stability can reach more than 40 minutes.

  Fire resistance limit is for building construction (such as partitions, ceilings, floors, doors and windows, etc.), for any building member, according to the time-temperature standard curve of fire resistance test, from the role of fire, to the construction of loss of stability or integrity or thermal insulation, this resistance to the role of fire time, known as the fire resistance limit, usually expressed in hours. If the use of 75 keel for the skeleton, double-sided single layer 12mm refractory gypsum board, filled with 50mm thick 100kg/m3 heavy rock wool wall system, can reach 1 hours of fire resistance limit.

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