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The difference between Container House and colored steel house

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Structure contrast:

Container house is welded structure, using the technology of the galvanized, steel structure by the structure of the system, the ground system, floor, wall system, roofing system, each system is composed of several modular units, unit module have been built in a factory, building site performed by unit module assembly. They are stylish, unusual, quick to install, easy to move and transport, easy to remove and store, and green.


The ordinary color steel house is a kind of steel frame with light steel, with the sandwich board as the enclosure material, the resistance is small, the foundation is not solid, typhoon, earthquake, etc., prone to collapse.

Toughness contrast:

Container house is mainly used for a few years ago to go abroad, foreign parts use, through the test, packaging container earthquake magnitude 8, 11 level wind, the service life of more than 20 years, and the green environmental protection, can be recycled. Elegant color steel house is only 7, anti-wind 9, 8 years of service life, 2 or 3 disassembly. Now the color steel house quality materials are very thin, not strong.

The design of elegant color steel house is made of steel, plank and other raw materials for the site installation, sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture-proof, thermal insulation and other poor performance.

The foundation contrast:

The basic processing of the activity room is more difficult, and the base of concrete foundation is the thinnest and 10cm, the cost of labor, the cement material is the cost, the cost increases, and the foundation cannot be used again.

Installation comparison:

The packing box room is fast, the construction period is short, 4 workers can complete the single box installation for half a day, and the technical requirements are not high. It can also be checked in the whole box, and then can be used after the water supply is connected to the site.


The installation of movable room needs to be made of concrete foundation, subject, color plate, ceiling, water and electricity, etc., the installation efficiency is low, the cycle is 20 to 30 days, and there are high-risk operation risks and artificial job losses.


Transport comparison:

Packing box houses can be transported by flat compression or whole container, which can be transported in a variety of ways. The 7.5-meter pallet can pull 21 standard houses and effectively reduce the cost of long-distance transportation. The color steel house transport material parts are much, the transport also easy to drop the paint, carry out is also more troublesome.


Application field comparison:

Packaging carton box housing can be applied to the camp, commercial, military, tourism, etc., with offices, showrooms, sales offices, supermarkets, home, apartment, such as form, improve the residential use of comfort, to meet the needs of life and entertainment.


90 per cent of mobile homes are used as construction sites and workers' homes


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