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The installation process of aluminum alloy doors and Windows

- Apr 12, 2018 -

The installation process of aluminum alloy doors and Windows

A, doors and Windows installation must be strong, the number of embedded parts, location, method of embedding connection must comply with the design requirements, used for fixed every reinforced steel fasteners must not be less than 3, the spacing should be no greater than 300 mm, is apart from the steel end should be no greater than 100 mm; The surface of reinforced steel, fasteners and hardware, except stainless steel, should be treated with corrosion resistant coating.

B. The installation of doors and Windows and glass should be done after the wall wet work method is completed and hardened. Doors and Windows should be reserved with the reserved hole method for installing the hole method. When the doors and Windows installation, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃;

C. When the window and the wall are fixed, the upper frame should be fixed first, and then the frame shall be fixed:

The hole of concrete should be fixed with a nail or plastic expansion bolt;

The hole of brick wall should be fixed with plastic expansion bolt, and must not be fixed in the brickwork;

The holes with embedded iron parts shall be fixed by welding method, or the holes shall be punched according to the fasteners on the embedded parts, then fixed with fasteners;

D. When installing the combination window, the hole of the closing window should be prepared with the corresponding position of the material to be embedded or reserved. The connection between the two parts:

The connection between the concrete and concrete beams or columns shall be set up with embedded iron, fixed by welding method, or by pressing the fastener on the embedded parts, and then fixed with fasteners;

When connecting the material to the brick wall, insert the two ends of the material together into the reserved hole, and then use the C20 fine stone concrete to water the fixation.

The two window frames should be connected with the finished materials, and the fasteners should be tightened in two ways. The spacing should be no more than 400mm. The fastener ends and the gluing between the material and the window bars are sealed by sealing strip.

E. When the doors and Windows are connected with the wall, the wood brick should be embalmed.

F, the expansion joint between the window frame and the hole should be filled with the elastic material such as closed-cell foam and foamed polyphenyl, and the surface is sealed with sealant. For the project with high insulation and sound insulation requirements, appropriate insulation and sound insulation materials should be used.

G. The surface of doors and Windows is clean, without scratches, bruises and no rust. The surface is smooth, smooth, uniform thickness, no porosity; It is forbidden to install scaffolds or heavy objects on the door window frame, fan or tin, and do not pedal the window frame, window fan or window plate. The surface of door of door of door of door of door of door and window is stained with oil, appropriate to wash with water soluble wash agent, avoid the chemical fluid that USES coarse or caustic strong is swabbed.

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