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The performance and characteristics of window of model steel

- Jan 18, 2018 -

The performance and characteristics of window of model steel.

1. Heat preservation and energy-saving performance of plastic steel doors and Windows.

Plastic material for cavity structure, good heat insulation performance, the heat transfer performance is very small, only l / 357 for steel, aluminum 1/250, plastic steel door and window heat insulation, heat preservation effect is remarkable, especially for a more suitable heating air-conditioning equipment of modern buildings. The relevant department conducts investigation and comparison to this, namely: the room that USES plastic door window compares the room that USES wooden door window is indoor temperature can be high 4 -- 5 degrees; Double glazing is better in the north.

2. Physical properties of steel doors and Windows.

The physical properties of Windows and doors are mainly: air permeability (air tightness), rainwater permeability (water tightness), wind resistance and insulation and sound insulation properties of PVC steel doors and Windows. Because the plastic Windows and doors profiles with unique chamber structure, and the welding process and doors and Windows, when the doors and Windows installation all gaps are equipped with plastic rubber sealing strip and wool top, so it has good physical.

3. Corrosion resistance of steel doors and Windows.

Model steel profile due to its unique formula has good corrosion resistance, the corrosion resistance depends on the use of hardware, normal circumstances hardware for metal products, industries and the corrosive environment, such as food, medicine, health, chemical industry and coastal areas, wet moist areas, and the use of anti-corrosion hardware (engineering plastics), it is 10 times that of steel window service life.

4. Weathering resistance of steel doors and Windows.

Plastic window adopts special formula, adding ultraviolet absorber and low temperature shock absorber to improve its weatherability. Long-term use in the environment of temperature and climate, between 30 degrees and 70 degrees, the sun, rain, drying, humidity changes, no discoloration, metamorphism, aging, embrittlement and other phenomena. The model steel window has been in Western Europe for 30 years, its materials are intact.

5. Fire protection performance of steel doors and Windows.

The window of model steel door does not self-ignite, do not help combustion, leave fire self-extinguish, safe and reliable, accord with fire prevention requirement, this one performance expands the use scope of model steel door and window more.

6. Insulation performance of steel doors and Windows.

Plastic steel doors and Windows use the excellent electrical insulator, do not conduct electricity, the safety factor is high.

7. Density of door and window of model steel.

Plastic material is qualitative fine smooth, quality both inside and outside is consistent, that don't have to ask surface treatment, easy to machining, after cutting, welding, machining, doors and Windows product length, width and diagonal can within the plus or minus 2 mm, machining accuracy, Angle strength can reach more than 3000 n.

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