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the plasterboard Stability Integrity Insulation

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Gypsum board manufacturers said gypsum board is based on plaster as the main raw material mixed with additives made of fiber, with a safe, comfortable, fast, environmental protection and other benefits, safety is mainly refers to its fire resistance, gypsum building materials, the final hydration products Calcium sulfate dihydrate, in the event of a fire, only two of them after the decomposition of all the crystal water is completed, the temperature from its decomposition temperature of 140 ℃ on the basis of continued to rise, the decomposition process produced a large number of water vapor on the flame spread Play a blocking role, which will win valuable fire fighting time: environmental protection refers to the energy consumption of gypsum building materials (only 4 times the energy consumption of cement, lime 1/3), materials (with 120 mm solid clay brick Compared with the wall, the gypsum board is about 1/10 to 1/9 of the weight of the gypsum board per square meter, and the gypsum block is 1/4 to 2/5), and the waste (available as an industrial by-product dihydrate gypsum (Gypsum non-toxic, harmless to the human body), do not pollute the environment (building gypsum sintering process is to be the same as the sour gypsum, Calcium sulfate dihydrate off 3/4 of water, into a half water sulfur Calcium, which effluent water vapor).

Ceiling with a special process, with anti-static, not dust, not dust, can completely meet the high-precision electronics factory, hospital operating room, biological laboratory and other clean, clean places require! Ceiling ceiling is mainly used for airports, railway stations, office buildings, shopping malls, subway stations and residential and other places. The market has gypsum board, mineral wool board, PVC, aluminum slab plate and soft ceilings and so on.

Gypsum board Note: First, the ceiling should have Tianchi;

Second, the ceiling color should not be heavy;

Third, the dark living room should be covered with fluorescent lights ceiling.

Combustion performance is in terms of the characteristics of the material itself, the material combustion performance is divided into four: A grade non-combustible, B1 level flame retardant, B2 grade flammable, B3 grade flammable. Gypsum board is B1 grade flame retardant material, but in the "interior decoration design fire safety regulations" Article 2.0.4 is clearly defined "installed in the steel keel burning performance to B1 level gypsum board, mineral wool board sound absorption board, Can be used as a Class A material. "

   The stability of the fire is the national standard gypsum board physical performance indicators, refers to the burning under high temperature fire, refractory gypsum board to maintain non-breaking performance, generally measured with refractory time, the longer the better the fire stability. In the international GB / T9775-1999 "gypsum board" clearly states: refractory gypsum board fire stability is greater than 20 minutes. 

    The fire resistance limit is for building construction (such as partitions, ceilings, floors, doors and windows, etc.), for any building components, in accordance with the time - temperature standard curve for fire test, from the fire to the construction of the loss of stability Or integrity or adiabatic time, this resistance to the fire of the role of time, known as the fire limit, usually expressed in hours. If you use the 75 keel as the skeleton, double-sided single-layer 12mm refractory gypsum board, filled with 50mm thick 100kg / m3 bulk rock wool dragon card wall system, can reach 1 hour fire resistance limit.

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