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The process of processing and making aluminum Windows and doors

- Mar 14, 2018 -

The process of processing and making aluminum Windows and doors

1, broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows processing production should be carried out within the plant, shall not be made in the construction site, Windows and doors production should comply with the design and break hot aluminum alloy doors and Windows installation and acceptance specification requirements, break hot aluminum alloy door and window should be installed firmly doors and Windows should push and pull, open and flexible, windowsill place shall have the drain hole, and should set the limit switch. The fasteners shall comply with the relevant technical regulations; All hardware models, specifications and performance shall comply with the current national standards.

2. The drainage hole on the sliding way of the sliding window shall follow the principle of inner fan outer hole and outer fan inner hole to ensure the sealing performance of doors and Windows, especially the sliding window with horizontal horizontal orientation.

3. Prior to the assembly of the aluminum door and window of the bridge, it should remove the burr of the end part, and the joint part of the end part and the section must adopt the sealing measures such as waterproof glue, so as to prevent the structure seepage.

4. The structure assembly components of the hidden window shall be made and maintained in the purification room.

Remove dust, grease and other dirt on the surface of glass and aluminum frames with solvents; Each cleaning member or piece of glass should be replaced with a clean dry cleaning cloth; The solvent should be dumped on the cloth, and it is prohibited to contact the solvent bottle. The glue must be full, no bubble, no leakage, the surface should be smooth and smooth; Glue should not be reused.

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