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The production process of mineral wool board

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Processing of base material

Put a certain amount of mineral wool into the container and mix it with water to separate the cotton from the slag ball. The slag ball will sink to the bottom, remove the mineral wool, and then wash the cotton dry and weigh it. Sometimes also with mineral wool granulator is decomposed into granulated wood before using, the additive such as adhesive, waterproofing agent, according to the proportion of mixture stirring ChengLiao pulp, forming in the long nets to copy the treadmill, slurry after filtering, vacuum suction, press become a certain thickness of blank, after drying the cutting metallogenic cotton substrate.

Decoration processing

Blind hole processing: the semi-finished product is rolled and rolled out of the hole with different size and shape to increase the sound absorption effect, and then the plate edge is processed, colored and dried to be finished product. Groove plate processing: the blind hole plate is processed by a special milling machine to separate the two directions of the groove, or milling out of the circle, coloring, drying. Printing plate processing: the semi-finished product through the printing plate of the printing press, coated with pre-prepared paint, printed various patterns, on the pattern can also be sprinkled with fine sand, and then dried. Embossed plate processing: after the semi-finished product is colored, the various patterns are pressed through the pressure machine with the embossed plate, and then the cutting tenon is made. Relief plate is made by specialized factory, processing cost is high.

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