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The decoration style of archaize brick

- Dec 01, 2017 -

In general, the archaize brick suit to Chinese, European and American country, rural, Mediterranean style is decorated in, especially in the bathroom, kitchen, balcony area on the ground floor and metope, if use the light color fastens, can also be used in modern style.

Archaize brick: belongs to the ordinary ceramic tile, is essentially glazed porcelain tiles, classical with unique charm attracts the attention of the people, to reflect the years vicissitudes of life, historical massiness, archaize brick by style, color, design, build a nostalgic atmosphere.

1. Chinese style decoration

Archaize brick imitation of the past do the old style, with the unique flavor of classical attracts the attention of the people, to reflect the years vicissitudes of life, historical massiness, archaize brick by style, color, design, build a Chinese style decorates nostalgic atmosphere. The commonly used archaize brick in Chinese style decoration, archaize brick has retained the rustic massiness of pottery, the color is easy to match, the surface is easy to clean, more and more receives the favour of people.

2. European style

Rice yellow is the typical tone of European style style, and the yellow jade department ceramic tile is to be in the rice yellow that is transparent, give a person a kind of warmth and lack of dignified temperament. The jade ceramic tile applied in the European space can be matched with the marble line of the same color system, which shows the splendor and atmosphere of classical European style. At the same time can be mixed with Mosaic or tea color glass modelling, so European style can add a few fashionable element more, show postmodern amorous feelings.

3. American style

American country style generally emphasizes concise and clear line and elegant, appropriate degree of design, to all kinds of archaize wall tile, stone material preference, and pursue all sorts of imitation old craft. Use of decorative stone or archaize brick on the ground, TV wall can use marble wall act the role ofing, etc., of course also can choose wooden floor, wooden floor also inherited the characteristics of American country style, but not space on like a slightly cold meaning stone.

4. Pastoral style

Rural style is a kind of public decoration style, its main idea is to show the breath of the countryside through decorating decoration. But the countryside here is not rural rural, but a kind of close to nature, yearning natural style. The rural style is called pastoral style, because the theme of the pastoral style is close to nature, show the breath of earthy life.


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