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Thermal insulation aluminum extrusion process

- Mar 11, 2018 -

Thermal insulation aluminum extrusion process

The first working procedure is to check the surface quality and dimension of the profile. The inner and outer aluminum profiles can be coated with anodic oxidation or electrostatic powder. The inner and outer aluminum profiles can also be used in different color toppings, and the inner and outer double color aluminum alloy doors and Windows can be formed by wearing a broken bridge.

The second procedure is to attach protective film, which mainly protects the surface quality of the profile from being damaged during processing and handling.

It is a key process for the teeth to be opened. It is mainly in the heat insulating aluminum extruded section. It is embedded in the rigid plastic strip of PVC. See figure 2.

At present, there is no specific regulation on the depth of tooth depth in China, but in the standard of industry standard JC/T building insulation aluminum alloy profiles. The tensile strength and shear strength values are specified (see table 1), which requires that the rigid plastic insulation bars of polyvinyl chloride are connected with the aluminum alloy profiles through the rollers.

Article (4) wear and rolling process is an important working procedure, wear of the article is to PVC hard plastic insulation, wear into the article by wearing the apparatus has good heat insulation aluminum tooth way inside (as shown in figure 2), then through rolling equipment, will be insulated aluminum and PVC hard plastic strip rolled together (as shown in figure 1).

Roll back after you are dressed.

Roll back after you are dressed.

The process of filling polyurethane foam with a thermal insulation chamber is for foaming insulation aluminum profiles. The profile is placed in a two-component metering mixer, which is poured into the insulated chamber by mixing the nozzle.

Polyurethane is short for polyurethane. The polymer backbone contains many repetitions.

The high - grade compound of the group is called polyurethane. The thermal conductivity is very low and has excellent acoustical properties, electrical properties and chemical resistance. The foaming insulation aluminum profile has double insulation effect, suitable for cold zone.

The packaging is the final process, which can be used in plastic film sets and wrapped in wrapping paper. It is mainly to protect the sections from being damaged in transportation and processing.

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