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Ultra white glass use

- Mar 26, 2018 -

Ultra white glass use

Super white glass can be processed as other float glass, such as steel, bending, glue, hollow assembly, etc. Super white glass superior visual performance, will greatly improve these processing glass function and decorative effect. Therefore, ultra-white glass has a wide range of applications and broad market prospects.

Abroad, super white glass is mainly used in high-grade building, high-grade glass processing and the field of solar photovoltaic curtain wall and high-grade furniture, decorative glass, imitated crystal products, glass lamps and lanterns, precision electronics industry (photocopiers, scanners), special construction, etc.

At home, the application of super white glass is expanding rapidly, the application in high-grade building and special structures has open situations, such as Beijing national grand theatre, Beijing botanical garden, Shanghai opera house, Shanghai pudong international airport, Hong Kong convention and exhibition center, nanjing hundreds of Chinese art center, engineering application of the super white glass. High grade furniture and advanced adornment lamps and lanterns also began a lot of application ultra white glass, the furniture and processing machinery exhibition that holds in Beijing is in a lot of glass furniture chooses ultra white glass.

As a substrate material, ultra-white glass provides a broader development space for the development of solar technology with its unique high transmittance. As the base of solar thermal and photoelectric conversion system, super white glass is the breakthrough of international solar energy utilization technology, which greatly improves the efficiency of photoelectric conversion. In particular, China began to build a new production line of solar photovoltaic curtain wall, which will use a lot of super white glass.

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