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Water resistant Plasterboard Has a good waterproof performance

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Among the many home furnishings, the waterproof gypsum board is a relatively inexpensive ceiling material, generally about 120 yuan per square meter. Therefore, waterproof gypsum board is widely used in home decoration. So, waterproof gypsum board waterproof effect in the end how?

1, low water absorption

Waterproof gypsum board water absorption rate of 5%, fully meet the US ASTM waterproof standards, which can be used as kitchen, bathroom, bathroom and other areas of high humidity ceiling material.

2, containing a quantitative waterproofing agent

Not only waterproof gypsum board contains a quantitative waterproofing agent, and gypsum board paper has also been done moisture treatment, the surface water absorption of not more than 160 grams, water absorption of not more than 10%, so waterproof gypsum board has a good waterproof effect.

3, in addition to waterproof effect is good, other features are also prominent

Waterproof gypsum board in addition to the above-mentioned waterproof function, but also has fire, noise, sound and other effects.

Waterproof gypsum board, board core and face paper are treated by waterproof, therefore, board and board core has a good waterproof performance. The gypsum board toughness and the price is relatively cheap, has always been a good decorative materials. Therefore, for the bathroom environment, waterproof gypsum board can still be used very well in the decoration of the bathroom ceiling.

1, waterproof gypsum board is relatively heavy, not suitable for kitchen and bathroom ceiling, and most of the wood keel is used as accessories. Kitchen and toilet space is relatively a relatively humid space, a long time the wood keel is easy to deformation, bending, mold and so on. Gypsum board is very poor moisture resistance, especially easy to deformation, and gypsum board surface treatment are mostly latex paint, latex paint is not suitable for wet environment, a long time there will be a whole piece of shedding or moldy black and so on.

2, gypsum board ceiling is the living room, bedroom and other commonly used ceiling materials. We all know that most of the hydropower concealed works in the kitchen, bathroom, if the kitchen, bathroom gypsum board ceiling, but because the family wiring and water pipes are in the above, with the passage of time inevitably leaks, drip phenomenon needs repair, Will face the top "big surgery".

3, the service life: often outside singing or eating friends, should be noted that some public places, such as KTV, hotels, restaurants and other bathroom with gypsum board ceiling. The owners of these places to consider the low cost of gypsum board, and most of the public places are two or three years on the decoration once, and home improvement, after all, is their own living environment, it is impossible to renovate after two or three years and re-decoration once Part of the owners are to 5 - 10 years or even longer time to decorate once, so it is not recommended that the majority of decoration households use gypsum board as a kitchen, bathroom ceiling.

4, a lot of home improvement designers because of the results to follow the project, often designed waterproof gypsum board to customers to do kitchen and toilet ceiling. We all know that gypsum board is used in a large area of space to do one of the materials, and the kitchen, the bathroom is relatively small space, should not be designed to do modeling. A lot of no home improvement experience or no experience of life designers tend to consider is the concept of subjective ideology and imposed on customers, customers do test products, resulting in a lot of follow-up after the trouble. Bathroom with waterproof gypsum board 5, gypsum board ceiling and wall access is difficult to achieve. Kitchen, bathroom, mostly with antique tiles, tiles for the wall decoration materials, gypsum board ceiling is difficult to unified mouth with the wall, especially one or two months after the wall began to appear around the top of the cracks, this seam is not Easy to fix. And buckle plate integrated ceiling has a dedicated edge, to make up for gypsum board more prone to problems.

6, waterproof gypsum board As the name suggests can be waterproof, but only one side of the waterproof gypsum can play a certain role in the water, the back is not the role of waterproof, long time as the ceiling of the internal, because the tide or water seepage, gypsum board The surface will appear ** spots. Especially in some good condition of the family, the bathroom installed in the central air conditioning. We all know that the central air conditioning has condensed water droplets on top, especially the bath of water vapor is easy to flow from the outlet, resulting in years of accumulation of water is not easy to distribute, all in the ceiling inside.

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