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a new product developed by innovation.

- Dec 13, 2017 -


The Fireproof gypsum board is based on the traditional paper plasterboard, innovation and development of a new product, not only has a paper gypsum board of Sound insulation, heat insulation, heat, light, high strength, small shrinkage and other characteristics, but also in the gypsum board core to add some additives (glass fiber), so that the plate in the event of a fire, In a certain length of time to maintain the structure of integrity (in the building structure), so as to obstruct the spread of the role of flame, to escape the precious time.

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In addition to the performance of the standard gypsum board with Bayer location, it has a high fire resistance and a fire time of 60 minutes.

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Ordinary Fireproof Gypsum Board

is based on the traditional gypsum board on the basis of innovative development of a new product, not only has all the advantages of gypsum board, but also in the Gypsum board core add some additives, so that fire-resistant time longer, thus playing a barrier flame spread of the role, to escape the precious time.

Location Point Fireproof Gypsum Board

Location Point Fireproof Gypsum board is based on the traditional refractory paper gypsum board by Bayer Corporation, Innovation and development of a new product, not only has the traditional fire-resistant paper gypsum board all the advantages, but also to solve the traditional fire-resistant paper gypsum board in the construction process of artificial bullet line positioning brought about by the labor intensity, product easily damaged, low construction efficiency, Engineering quality can not fully guarantee the difficult problem, to achieve the upgrading of products.

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The fireproof principle of gypsum board lies in the board core of gypsum board:

One: CASO4.2H2O, do not underestimate the two crystalline water Oh, gypsum board crystallization of water is its fire an important reason. When the gypsum board is under fire, the free water in the core is evaporated, absorbing a small amount of heat and reducing the temperature of the plate. When the temperature continues to rise, the crystallization of dihydrate gypsum water began to break down into gypsum and water, this process needs to absorb a lot of heat, can be in a relatively long time to affect the temperature rise around the plate surface.

And then say the second:

The main reason for the fire failure of gypsum board is that the volume shrinkage and the loss of wholeness become powdery after the dihydrate gypsum is removed, and in order to improve the fire resistance of gypsum board, some additives must be added in the gypsum board core.

Fire-resistant paper gypsum board increased the fire occurred in the expansion of refractory materials and a large number of refractory glass fiber, so that the gypsum can shrink while the overall volume is unchanged, and the gypsum core material will not lose the integrity of the knot.

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