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Metal insulation board construction process

Product parameters: Color: a variety of colors to choose from. Size : 3800mm(L) * 380mm (W) *16mm(T) (length can be customized). Decorative panel material: Galvanized Steel Polyurethane core material: fire rating A2、B1、B2 Process of metal carving board: Construction preparation to base...

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Product Details

Product parameters:

Color: a variety of colors to choose from.

Size: 3800mm(L) * 380mm (W) *16mm(T) (length can be customized).

Decorative panel material: Galvanized Steel

Polyurethane core material: fire rating A2、B1、B2

Process of metal carving board:

Construction preparation to base treatment, the frame design and spring wire - cutting plate - installed at the bottom of the bracket to install rear bearing bracket, paste board - mechanical firmware a reinforcement - caulking to frame joints do waterproof seal and coloring, frame joint repair to overall restoration, completion inspection and acceptance.

Operation points:

1. Construction preparation: the wall humidity should not be higher than the equilibrium humidity of the environment. The wall should have sufficient strength, especially the wall surface should have enough adhesion and flatness.

2. Base treatment:

(1) the external wall plaster shall be layered and cement mortar shall meet the requirements of construction specifications.

(2) the base requirements are flat, smooth, solid, no holes, no icing powder, no peeling, peeling, pulverizing, etc., and the Angle of yin-yang is straight. The external wall plaster requirements meet the national quality acceptance standards.

(3) treatment of primary water resistance. Water treatment or anti-rust treatment. Brick masonry wall, window edge and other easy cracking areas for crack treatment, water tank, flower pool and other water storage components inside to make waterproof treatment.

3. Grid design and bullet line:

(1) according to the requirements, the grid scheme shall be designed, and the sub-grid scheme shall be subject to the signature of the owner and the relevant unit.

(2) firstly, the vertical dividing line of the Yang Angle and the middle parting line is placed with the iron wire, and the horizontal line at the upper and lower window of the window.

4. The cutting board and installation of the bottom bracket, mounting bracket, and paste plate shall be operated strictly according to the regulations.

5. Paste plate: the arrow pointing in the direction of the protective film on the surface of the metal insulation decorative plate should be installed to avoid color difference. After the bracket is fixed, insert the adhesive metal decorative insulation board into the bracket, and then paste the plate tightly on the wall. The glue that is extruded around the board must be removed immediately to ensure that glue is not embedded in the seam of the next plate. When the next plate is pasted, the board should be pushed forward from the side, and the seam between the plate and the plate should be pressed. The glue extruded around the insulation board must be removed immediately. It is necessary to ensure that the space between the insulation boards is consistent, and the flatness of the newly pasted insulation board must be inspected at any time (4 mm / 2 m). If there is uneven dislocation in the seam, it should be polished and smoothed after the adhesive is hardened.

6. Reinforcement of mechanical fixed parts.

(1) connect to the impact drill power supply, and use the fastener installation groove as the benchmark, and drill holes in the intersections between the horizontal center line of the installation groove and the split seam.

(2) fasten the fastening piece into the mounting groove of the fastener, connect the hole inside the fasteners, and pin the 05mm cement into the wall with the nail gun to fix the fasteners.

(3) using the mechanical bearing for anchor and bearing paste with the combination of multiple security protection system, to the structure of double insurance, guarantees the whole curtain wall system in negative wind pressure under the action of the safety of structure, meet the requirement of national standard.

7. Sealing. With insulation layering, fill the frame joint gap frame joints with decorative insulation board to form a whole wall thermal insulation system, using the thermal layering that reduce the use amount of frame joint waterproofing sealant, reduces the cost, and avoid the phenomenon of "thermal bridge", to strengthen the insulation board itself heat preservation effect, make the efficiency of thermal insulation material of sufficient play.

8. Waterproof sealing and coloring for split seams.

(1) the waterproof sealing rubber hose is installed on the sealant gun after the partition is inserted.

(2) clean the dirt and dirt in the split seam and keep it clean, so as to prevent the dust from sticking to the surface of the glue, and the sealant will lose its original viscosity.

(3) on both sides of the split seam, we should pay attention to horizontal vertical, and then break the waterproof sealant into the split seam.

9. Split seam and overall repair. It is the top priority of the project, if the quality of the sealant is not up to standard, the rubber strip will come off and become old. If the dosage is insufficient, the waterproof sealant will be separated from the board. The rainwater infiltrates into the board, the insulation polyphenyl plate expands, loses the corresponding thermal insulation effect. Choose the best quality sealant, finish the sealer sealant, and fill in the inorganic super - resistant sealant, paint the black seam paint. Make the whole outer wall form an insulating film and waterproof, the effect of thermal insulation decoration is new.

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