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Standard brick texture metal exterior insulation board

Standard Brick Texture Sandwich Panel (carved panels) Product introduction Metal panel is mainly composed of three parts: its surface uses Al-Zn steel with special process treatment, the middle layer is hard foamed polyurethane as insulation layer, the inner layer USES aluminum foil paper, the...

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Product Details

Standard brick texture metal exterior insulation board (carved panels)



Construction method of metal wall insulation board

1. Location

The insulation board is positioned on the wall to determine the anchorage position.

2. Drilling: through the already positioned insulation board, drilling in accordance with the specified size.

Solid wall: use impact drill or hammer drill hole

The hollow wall: can only be drilled with rotating mode

It is recommended to use a special punching tool

3. Placement

Screw the bulge through the u-shaped or o-type pressure plate into the expansion sleeve

2-3 laps, then pass through the insulation board to insert the wall hole until benton

The edge of the expansion sleeve is close to the wall.

4. Screw in

The supporting screw is screwed into the expansion sleeve by electric screw

Inner hole, until expansion sleeve twist, knot, lock

Product parameters

Color: a variety of colors to choose from.

Size: 3800mm(L) * 380mm (W) *16mm(T) (length can be customized).

Decorative panel material: Galvanized Steel

Polyurethane core material: fire rating A2、B1、B2






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