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Elastomer Modified-bitumen Waterproof Membrane

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Products Description:

Elastomer modified-bitumen waterproof membrane content with high quality asphalt as base meterial,adding styrene,butadiene,styrene (SBS),thermoplastic,elastomer resin modified, formulated a elastomer modified bitumen waterproof membraine through a special process,enhanced fetal inside the materials,outer covered with many kinds of surface materials.

Products Feature:

  1. Good resistance performance of low and high temperature,available all year round;

  2. High mechnical strength waterproof layer;Good performance of breaking resistance,tearing resistance;

  3. Constructed by hot-melt method,the joint is reliable and durable;

  4. High elongation,high adaptive capacity to base shrinkage deformation and fracture;

  5. Good corrosion resistance,mold resistance and weather resistance.

Where to use:

  1. Widely used in various building structures waterproof roof,walls,basement,cold storage,bridges,ponds;underground pipilines and other projects,seepage,moisture,gas barrier and other projects;

  2. Especially for low temperatre environment construction waterproofing.


  1. Construction of rolls is prohibited in the rain,snow and five more wind weather;

  2. The distance from the nozzle fired heater coil side should be moderate,heating and a width shold be uniform in order to melt the surface of the web shiny black for the degree can no be over-heating coil.

  3. Guarantee construction site safety protection facilities , place fire equipment as required.

Elastomer modified-bitumen waterproof membrane specification.jpg

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Lina Liu

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