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Fire Resistant Plasterboard Moisture, No Deformation, Fire, Flame Retardant

- Aug 29, 2017 -

fire resistant plasterboard is currently the most widely used a new type of ceiling decoration materials. Has a good decorative effect and good sound-absorbing performance, the price is lower than other roof decoration materials.

In the choice of fire resistant plasterboard, the decorative fire resistant plasterboard should be the product specifications, varieties, performance understanding, while its use characteristics should also be understood.

Pouring plaster decorative plate with a light, moisture, no deformation, fire, flame retardant and so on. And the construction is convenient, processing performance is good, can be sawed, can be nailed, planer, can be bonded and so on.

Pattern relief plate for living room living room, bedroom, study ceiling; waterproof board for kitchen, bathroom and other places with greater humidity.

The paperboard decorative sound-absorbing board is made of paper fire resistant plasterboard as the substrate, the surface of the light screen printing paint decoration and drilling treatment, with fire, noise, heat insulation, anti-vibration performance, easy construction and so on.

Decorative gypsum line angle to the construction of gypsum as the base material, with enhanced fiber, adhesive, etc., by mixing, casting molding, smooth surface, clear lines, dimensional stability, high strength, flame retardant, machinable, easy assembly, Adhesive construction, high construction efficiency. It can replace the nature of the line to match the various plaster decorative plate ceiling, so that the interior decoration seamless, three-dimensional sense of strong, good overall. Decorative gypsum line angle of the lower price, the application effect is good, Chengdu decoration company has become an indispensable gypsum ceiling decorative one of the supporting materials.

Gypsum ceiling decorative plate pattern a lot, mainly with holes, printing, embossing, paste sand, relief and other diverse, the user according to the use of places and personal aesthetic to choose. In general, the gypsum ceiling plate pattern, the color if selected properly, with appropriate, then the decoration effect generous, beautiful, innovative, gives a comfortable and elegant soft feeling.

Due to the porous structure of the fire resistant plasterboard, its thermal conductivity is 0.16W / (M.K), and its thermal insulation performance has significant advantages compared with the gray sand brick block (1.1W (M.K)). At the same time fire resistant plasterboard has a unique "breathing" performance, can be adjusted within a certain range of indoor humidity, so that living comfort.

As the gypsum core itself is not combustible, and the case of fire in the release of water will absorb a lot of heat during the process, delaying the ambient temperature rise, so the paper fire resistant plasterboard has a good fire retardant properties. Inspection by the National Fire Detection Center, paper fire resistant plasterboard partition fire resistance up to 4 hours.

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