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High Polymer Waterproof Membraine

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Products Description:

High polymer waterproof membrane is a combined self-adhesive waterproof membrane whic uses high polymer sheet as surface (or body),and uses polymer modified asphalt,such as butyl and styrene-butadiene ,as self-adhesive material.

Products Feature:

  1. Excellent physical performance ,stable chemical performance.

    High tensile strength and elongation,self-healing,penetration resistance,anti acid and alkali,temperature resistance and aging reisistance.

  2. Stickup and firm with cement paste and concrete.

    Self-adhesive uses a unique formula,including special active substances.Nontoxic and environmental friendly.

  3. Advanced construction method,flexible,reliable,safety and environmental friendly.

    According to the constructions,it can use pre-applied ,wet-applied or hang-applied to construct.Use cement paste to bond with substrate,adjacent membranes use their self-adhesive layer to joint.No solvent and flame needed.

Where to use:

For industrial and civil construction of the roof ,basement;waterproof,moisture-proof and anti-seepage of tunnels,underground pipe gallerry,water conservancy projects,etc.

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Contact Person:

Lina Liu

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