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In The Decoration Construction, How To Carry On The Formal Process Of Gypsum Board Ceiling And Wall Painting?

- Mar 29, 2018 -


Ceiling keel, general main keel spacing between 800-1200 mm, 300-600 - mm, deputy keel derrick needs to add the support of more than 1500 mm, line pipe conduit cannot directly fixed on the ceiling derrick, the lamps and lanterns of more than 3 kg or equipment need to set up independent boom, etc.


Finish sealing plate effect, if the two layers of sealing plate remember staggered joints installation, the first layer can use a smaller plate, but the second layer must be as much as possible to use the whole board, and remember the reserved access port in advance good woven keel, if canister light, shoot the light is more to consider in advance open lamp mouth, tuyere reserved in advance!


Later, the oil workers will remember to reserve a 3-5mm gap in the plasterboard joint, fill in the sealing plaster, and apply the kraft paper bag to prevent cracking.


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