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Light Partition Panel Is Suitable For Which Places To Use

- Aug 28, 2018 -

Light partition panel is suitable for which places to use

How about using light wall panels? Presumably most people are not familiar with lightweight partition wallboard, because it is a relatively new type of energy-saving wall material, whether in the installation or environmental protection has many advantages. Now let's learn about this kind of wall material and see which places it is suitable for use.

Shall I use light wall panels

1, environmental protection

The raw material of light quality partition board is harmless phosphogypsum, fly ash, light quality steel slag and so on, do not contain the besmirch that is harmful to human body, also do not have reflex sex product, and its production technology is change frequency steam pressurization is cured and become, accord with national relevant environmental protection standard completely.

2, fire prevention,

The wall will not burn for three hours, even at temperatures as high as 1, 000 degrees Celsius, and will not emit poisonous gases during combustion.

3. Good integrity

Its body is a three-in-one structure with strong impact resistance, and it is anchored by the method of steel structure with high strength, so it also has a good performance on the spacing wall with high layer height and large span. Compact structure, good integrity, non-deformation, not easy loose, seismic advantages, and it can be divided into internal walls and external walls, can expand the space of the house.

4. Moisture-proof and waterproof

Even if do not do waterproof, still can be used as wall material of cistern, because its face plate is professional waterproof board, have good waterproof, moistureproof performance, it is at present hutch defends a space to suit to decorate material most.

5. Sound insulation and heat insulation

This kind of plate has the common sound insulation effect, is better than other masonry wall's sound insulation ability; Its manufacturing process, is to have a good thermal insulation function.

6. Simple and quick construction

It is completely dry in construction and belongs to assembly-type construction. The installation is not only simple and quick, but also can be cut and adjusted arbitrarily, which is very flexible. Therefore, the material loss rate is low, cost saving and construction waste reduction are very economical.

2. Suitable places for use

1. Outdoor application

At present, light-weight partition board is mainly applied to building walls, such as reinforced concrete wall, clay porous brick wall, concrete hollow block wall, ceramic hollow block filling wall and so on. Also used in the building roof insulation system, such as steel roof insulation, cold storage insulation, ground insulation and other fields.

2. Indoor application

Light qualitative partition wall board still is the wall material with easy to use in interior decoration, can be used in the division of these places of office, business, dweller building room, corridor, kitchen on interior partition wall.

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