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Mirror Glass Construction Specification

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Today, the rapid development of material technology, glass materials use more and more widely, while glare pollution is also increasing. Today we come to understand the next glass technology related to the process.

The method of fixing the glass: 1. First of all need to drill on the glass, with chrome screws and screws to fix the glass on the wooden frame and liner

                2. Hold the glass with hardened metal plastic bars

                3. Secure the glass to the backing plate with epoxy resin

Mirror glass installation process: clean up the base layer of the nail liner liner glass

1. Clean the grassroots: in the masonry wall, the pre-buried curtain, the location should be corresponding to the vertical horizontal size of the mirror, the general spacing of 500mm is appropriate, the base plaster to brush waterproof material, but also in the Glass and wood lining between a layer of waterproof layer, to prevent moisture deformation of the wood liner, or mirror coating off.

2. Vertical tendons: 40mm 50mm wooden side, fixed with nails in the wood keel, fixed to pay attention to horizontal and vertical, so that the liner and mirror fixed.

3. Pavé liner: 15-thick board or 5 thick plywood, nailed to the wall of the nail must be into the board, the plate and the plate gap in the vertical bar at the board should be no warping, smooth and clean The

4. Mirror installation: the mirror size and shape according to the design of the cut, to be fixed, commonly used methods are fixed screws, inserted nails fixed, fixed bonding, pressing pressure and bonding support fixed.

1. Mirror glass wall structure.

Glass fixed method:

(1) drilling on the glass, with chrome screws, copper screws to the glass fixed in the wooden frame and liner.

(2) with hardwood, plastic, metal and other materials to suppress the pressure of glass.

(3) Insulate the glass on the backing plate with epoxy resin.

2. Mirror glass installation process:

Clean grass → nail wood skeleton → nail liner → fixed glass.

3. Precautions:

(1) uniform glass thickness should be 5 to 8 mm.

(2) the installation is strictly prohibited hammering and leveraging, inappropriate to remove the heavy security.

1. Main construction technology

(1) varnish construction process:

Clean the surface of the wood → matte paper to light up → on the run-off powder → polished sandpaper → full scratch the first pass putty, sandpaper polished → full scratch the second pass putty, fine sandpaper polished → painted oil → brush the first varnish → fight to find the color, refurbished putty, fine sandpaper polished → brush the second pass varnish, fine sandpaper polished → brush the third time varnish, polished → water sandpaper polished light, waxing, polished.

(2) mixed color paint construction process:

First clean the surface of the grass-roots surface of the dust, repair grass-roots → with sanding paper leveling → knot at the paint at the end of paint → putty putty → paint dry oil → the first full of blowing putty → polished → brushing the bottom coating → Dry hard → brushing the surface layer → refurbished putty to repair → polished wipe the third time finish painted second paint → polished → third finish paint → polished waxing.

2. Construction points

Code of construction for clear oil painting

Grinding the base layer is an important process of brushing varnish, should first dust on the surface of wood, oil and other impurities removed clean. On the oil powder is also an important process of varnish brushing, construction with cotton silk dipped in oil powder applied to the surface of the wood, rub back and forth by hand, the oil into the wood within the eyes. Brush the oil, the hand oil brush to be easy and natural, fingers gently force to move when not loose, do not brush as the standard. Brushing in accordance with the dipped in more than one, each time less dipped in oil, the operation of the ground, Shun brush requirements, in accordance with the first on the next, first difficult after the first, left after the right, the first outside the order and horizontal brush Vertical operation method construction.

Code for construction of wood surface mixed oil

Base treatment, in addition to clean up the grass-roots debris, but also should be part of the putty embedded, playing sandpaper should be polished along the wood grain. In the brush before the surface layer, the application of paint (shellac paint) on the larger color and lime of the knives at the back cover. Should be in the grass-roots coating of dry oil or clear, brushing dry oil to all parts of the brush evenly, can not leak brush. Base oil dry, full scratch the first pass putty, dry sandpaper after hand grinding, and then make up high-strength putty, putty to pick the wire does not prevail. When brushing the surface paint, it should be polished with fine sandpaper.

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