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Other Glass Quality Is Critical

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Hollow glass because of its good insulation and sound insulation performance is widely used in the purchase of insulating glass when the biggest quality problem is the air layer condensation, the main reason for this situation is the air layer dew point in the use of the process Raised up. So the control of insulating glass dew point is the key to control the quality of insulating glass

Insulating glass In the course of use, when the ambient temperature is reduced to reduce the glass surface temperature to the dew point in the dry air layer, the surface of the dry air layer will cause condensation or frost, due to condensation or frost on the inner surface of the glass Affect the performance of insulating glass. If you ensure that the air layer at minus 40 ℃ above the condensation, the use of insulating glass in the air is not the phenomenon of condensation.

Analysis of the causes of dew point rise

The dew point of the insulating glass refers to the temperature at which the air humidity in the air layer reaches a saturated state. Below this temperature, the water vapor in the air layer condenses into liquid water. It can be seen that the higher the water content, the higher the dew point temperature of the air, when the glass surface temperature is lower than the air layer of air dew point, the air will be in the glass surface condensation or frost.

The dew point of the insulating glass is caused by the fact that the outside water enters the air layer without being absorbed by the desiccant, and there are three reasons that the dew point may rise:

(1) sealant inside the bubble, leading to air moisture into.

(2) Water vapor is diffused into the air layer through the polymer.

(3) desiccant effective adsorption capacity is low.

2 hollow glass dew point control measures

(1) strict control of the production environment temperature

The production environment mainly affects the adsorption capacity and the remaining adsorption capacity.

(2) reduce the diffusion of water through the polymer

Mainly by selecting the low permeability coefficient of the sealant to determine a reasonable thickness of the seal to reduce the temperature difference between the inside and outside the insulating glass (that is, control in a certain temperature range and can not make the temperature range is too large.

(3) reduce the production process time

Minimize the contact time between the desiccant and the atmosphere, reduce the loss of adsorption capacity and make the desiccant have a higher adsorption capacity.

(4) choose the appropriate aluminum 

The pores of the air guide to small, to reduce the process of molecular sieve water absorption.

(5) Select the appropriate desiccant

Choose a higher and long-lasting desiccant.

(6) choose the formal manufacturers of hollow glass processing equipment

Now the market has a considerable part of the insulating glass manufacturers only use simple equipment or manual processing, simply can not guarantee the final processing results, it is recommended to choose the regular manufacturers of insulating glass processing equipment.

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