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Roof Tile Practical

- Aug 29, 2017 -

If you want to say the most important building is the foundation, then the roof as the roof of the house can not be ignored. If this part of the bad things do not meet in the future to meet the rainy day house also do not feel at ease. The development of the construction industry faster and faster, technology is also increasingly updated, there are many new roof tile appeared today Xiaobian to take you to see what is commonly used on the market now tile.

The main raw material of the clay tile is clay, that is, the raw material of the pottery, and the calcined sedimentary rock component is calcined at high temperature. For dry and easy place to fire, clay tile is the most commonly used material. Although the clay tile is high temperature, but in the process of firing a large extent affected the environment. With the increase in people's awareness of environmental protection, this tile will gradually be eliminated by the market.

The main raw material of asphalt shingles is a kind of product asphalt after oil processing. Asphalt shingles are called glass fiber tiles or asphalt shingles. Asphalt tile shape varied, wide range of applications, the advantages of many, the biggest disadvantage is easy to aging, poor flame resistance.

Cement tile is a certain amount of cement mortar for stamping or rolling made of. This tile lap solid, waterproof performance than the West tile, the color is very rich, longer life, the cost is relatively cheap.

Color steel tiles are also known as metal tiles and galvanized steel tiles, which are mainly made of galvanized steel sheet, and the surface layer is colored or painted. The biggest feature of color steel tile is the texture of light, the impression of metal to others is a strong sense of security, but the price is relatively high.

Glazed tiles using high-quality ore raw materials, after screening crushing, high pressure molding, high temperature firing. Glazed tiles in the ancient court building use up, because the glazed tile waterproof performance, color variety, many styles, and life is also very long. But the disadvantage is that workmanship is more complex than other tile prices more expensive

In the traditional building of the East, timber. Longitudinal arrangement of tiles, allowing the transition of the roof smooth and continuous, so that the building itself is more upright. When people watch the ancient building, the line of sight will be unconsciously from the eaves to the roof, the roof until the distant horizon, giving a broad and far-reaching imagination.

Tiles are important roofing materials, usually made of clay, but also made of cement and other materials, the shape of the arch, flat or half a cylindrical, etc., used to build a house.

In addition to the roof of the architect in the wall can also be used in the wall or even the garden, it is re-combination with different materials, mottled patchwork, constitute a beautiful picture.

Tiles are important roofing materials, usually made of clay, but also made of cement and other materials, the shape of the arch, flat or half a cylindrical and so on.

Unique tiles and hollow hollow brick wall as a building skin, blocking excessive sunlight, to ensure that the internal space is relatively constant temperature, while not hinder the flow of natural air.

Unmodified brick walls and the original state of various building materials make the building with a little pureist color, simple lines, simple patterns and open space design reveals the minimalist meaning. This building, whether it is a flat layout, the design of the ecosystem or its skin are very practical, from the abandoned old house to remove the roof tile screen with the breeze in the air gently swing.

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