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Self-adhesive Waterproofing Membrane

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Products Description:

Self-adhesive waterproofing membraneis an evironmental friendly material,which applied high polymer modified bitumen and synthetic rubber as the base material,combined with additive activity,agent and polyester tire as a renforcing layer,and then using polyethylene film as the surface material,and the undrside use silicone oil anti sticking isolation paper / film , so this material has the function of cold self-adhesive,low temperature construction operations,which makes ite an environmental friendly material.

Products Feature:

  1. Remarkable waterproof performance;

  2. Excellent heat resistance and low temprature flexibility;

  3. Ooutstanding pincture resistance;

  4. Strong UV resistance,long life span;

  5. Strong adhesion which can targeted the leakage in located area;

  6. Good stability and corrosion reisistance ,lasting effect.

Where to use:

Basement.metro tunnel pool,various area of waterproof project for civil building;Good for non exposed roof.The aluminum foil membrane is used for exposed roofs.


  1. The web should be prepared to cover,in order to avoid high temperature insulation film is difficult to tear;

  2. Water quality must meet the construction requirements of the grass-roots waterproof layer,the base surface must be solid and clean;

  3. Coil seams to be compacted;

  4. The finished waterproof layer should be well protected.

Self-adhesive Eaterproofing Membrane specification.jpg

Contact Person:

Lina Liu

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