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The Plasterboard To Ensure That The Stone A Long Time Beautiful

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Today, gypsum board manufacturers to tell you about the gypsum board installation process

1, in the formal construction, the workers first use the horizontal tube to measure the wall of the ink is the level of ink, and only to ensure that the level of the actual level, it will not allow the installation of the ceiling or tilt the existence of high and low gap.

2, gypsum board ceiling need to be fixed in the solid wooden keel frame, so before the carefully selected keel material has become an indispensable step, it is recommended that you try to choose a better grip nail force pine material.

3, because the keel is woody, it must pay attention to fire. Standard practice is the uniform surface of the keel brushing fire paint, and so the whole keel see white, and then nailed to the wall, which can ensure that the contact with the wall where the brush is also painted to fire paint.

4, the keel surface after the fire treatment can begin to combine, the workers will use the nail gun in the two keel joints oblique 45 degrees to be fixed. At this time need to master the strength to prevent the keel crack.

5, nail the keel frame after the need to fix the frame on the wall, then carefully check the spacing between the frames is not greater than 300mm in order to have enough fastness (also according to the scene with lights, downlights, shot The distance of the lights to consider, or there will be some small trouble to install). Otherwise the gypsum board on it is easy to sink, break.

6, the next step is to formal gypsum board, and the best workers to use stainless steel dry wall nail fixed gypsum board, so that the nail will not rust, the future can ensure that the gypsum board for a long time beautiful.

7, gypsum board nail eye will usually be used to deal with anti-rust nail eye putty, in fact, fill the nail with cement is more cost-saving and effort. And the effect of the treatment is not worse than the nail putty.

8, the gap between the two gypsum board must be handled in the next step, or in the future will produce significant cracks. General workers will use 901 glue and gypsum powder mixed after filling.

9, with gypsum powder fill the gap after the best use of anti-crack tape on the surface paste, you can prevent thermal expansion and contraction caused by top cracking. When the paste should pay attention to the side of the side with a scraper to remove the bubble, so that tape and gypsum board completely close combination.

10, for the shape of a special gypsum board ceiling, the latter part of the treatment is very important. Such as round, wavy and other roofs need to master the old master with a small blade slowly repair out, which is the most important process of the entire ceiling.

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