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The history of light steel housing

- Oct 22, 2017 -

So-called "light steel structure architecture", its main material is steel frame with colored metal pressed steel plate, due to its frame structure is given priority to with the door frame, therefore, its architecture is based on the door frame for dating. Generally speaking, light steel structure buildings are recognized by all sectors of society.

Light steel structure of low-rise residential building technology is on the basis of the north American style wood construction technology has evolved, after one hundred years of development, has formed the physical performance, flexible, easy to build and space and form various forms of mature construction system. Best in the world is known as the living environment of the north American continent, more than 95% of the lower civil buildings, including housing, shopping malls, schools, office buildings, etc. Use wooden or light steel structure building (even our neighbours Japan and South Korea). The north American wood structure and light steel structure have an absolute advantage in the whole construction market. In recent years, as the price of lumber has been rising, the market development of the north American light steel structure system has been growing rapidly at a rate of over 30%, which gradually becomes widely accepted by the market. It has also been widely adopted in our immediate neighbor Japan (Japan has become the KC system) and South Korea, as well as Australia.

Summary of light steel structure in North America the cause of the rapid development in recent years, can be summed up as technology mature, reliable and flexible structural system conducive to the construction and commercial development, construction efficiency is high, the trend for the sustainable development of advanced technology in accordance with environmental protection and energy saving from several aspects.

China's production of iron and steel industry is one of the world's top, but the use of steel in the construction industry proportion far below the level of developed countries, light steel structure low-rise civil residence architectural technology in line with the state of construction industry guide; In the beauty industry participated in or presided over the construction of a light steel structure residential projects, has led to the personage inside course of study with a strong repercussion among government departments at all levels and attention, and get the government departments at all levels on the policy and technical support.

The technology and product configuration of light steel structure is very mature and high degree of industrialization. It is the crystallization of the development of construction technology and building materials industry in North America nearly a century. The corrosion resistance of galvanized steel plate used in the construction structure is excellent and durable, and its service life in normal use is 275 years.

The seismic performance of light steel structure is far superior to that of traditional concrete and brick. At the same time, because the structure of the light steel structure is light weight, weight per unit area is only about a quarter of the weight of the same area of brick structure, so its basic processing is simple, suitable for most geology. Steel structures are no longer worried about termites.

Due to the structure of the steel is expected to adopt the factory, so the structure of the light steel structure villa precision is quite high, the structure of a villa system is composed of tens of thousands of components, each component of the average error less than 2 mm, ensure the quality of housing, is a traditional way of building cannot be achieved.

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