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Trapezoidal UPVC Roofing Sheet Meet The Design Requirements And Construction Specifications

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Roofing panels are now widely used, mainly for modern chemical plants, fertilizer plants, sewage treatment plants, electroplating plants, power plants, aquaculture plants, markets, stacks and other production buildings to build roof and wall new and plant replacement works.

1, weather, corrosion - proven by the roof in a variety of weather under the premise of the application, are emerge out of the delicate weathering function, acid, alkali, salt chemical erosion in the environment emerge a delicate anti-corrosion function.

2, waterproof function raised - in the 15-90 degree slope roof construction in the operation of free waterproof layer.

3, wind, earthquake - 90 degrees built facade decoration safe and reliable, can ward off 12 strong winds.

4, the roof of the fire function is delicate - material resistant to burning grade B1, is a flame retardant material.

5, silence, heat insulation function - porous foam core layer with a sophisticated silencer and heat insulation function.

6, large area, light weight - light weight material, reduce the construction load.

7, rich colors, long-term stability - fluorocarbon coating, rich colors, smooth, Naisuan Jian, not mildew, rain as new

8, toughness, high strength - than similar products with more exciting toughness and strength.

9, the roof of the construction facilities - products can be directly nails, drill, saw, planing, easy to handle facades and arc windows and other special roof modeling.

Roof is based on cement, cinder and other materials, adding modifier by the foam process and then cut into a patchy insulation material. Fire prevention materials must be strictly reviewed, the performance of the material not only to meet the existing national standards, but also to meet the design requirements and construction specifications.

Roof fire insulation board to be complete, the thickness to meet the requirements, strength and density, but also to be tested.

Before the construction of the insulation layer, the roof waterproofing layer should be completed construction and acceptance, to ensure that the water test without leakage and water; grass-roots to be clean and smooth, to find the slope must be correct, the insulation board embedded in the construction specifications between the upper and lower layers Tighten to ensure that the seal; patchwork with extruded thin stuffing, with tape paper paste fixed stability; sub-grid seal with a sealant, embedded must be strong, to prevent cracking, shedding.

But also pay attention to the laying of the roof fire insulation board to choose a good weather, just after the construction of the insulation layer can not leave and put the material in the above; laying is completed, should be timely wiping mortar and leveling to avoid the insulation layer damp or into Water, resulting in the impact of construction quality; construction completed by the supervision unit after the completion of qualified to deliver the use.

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