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Water Resistant Plasterboard Production Of Low Energy Consumption, High Production Efficiency

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Waterproof gypsum board compared to ordinary gypsum board, it has a certain degree of water resistance, but the moisture effect in general, just need some time to re-brushing. The installation of the first time to deal with the joints, and then the overall waterproof base treatment, waterproof latex paint brushing, only after this treatment of the ceiling, only with waterproof, anti-scrub, anti-fumes and so on. Next tell you what is the advantage of waterproof gypsum board and waterproof gypsum board which.

Waterproof gypsum board according to the United States ASTM standard for waterproofing test, the water absorption rate of 5%, which can be used for large areas of humidity, such as the bathroom, shower room and kitchen, the board is in the gypsum core material to add quantitative waterproof Agent, so that the plaster itself has a certain waterproof performance. In addition, gypsum board paper is also waterproof, so this is a better use of a wider range of plate. But this board can not be directly exposed to the wet environment, nor direct water immersion for a long time.

What are the advantages of waterproof gypsum board?

1 decorative function is good

Gypsum board surface is flat, between the board and the plate through the joint processing to form a seamless surface, the surface can be directly decorated.

2 production of low energy consumption, high production efficiency

Production of the same unit of paper gypsum board energy consumption than cement savings of 78%. And the investment less production capacity, simple process, easy to large-scale production.

3 thermal insulation

Gypsum board board core 60% is a small pores, because the air thermal conductivity is very small, so has a good light insulation performance.

4 good fire performance

As the gypsum core itself is not combustible, and the case of fire in the release of water will absorb a lot of heat during the process, delaying the ambient temperature rise, so the paper gypsum board has a good fire retardant properties. Inspection by the National Fire Detection Center, paper gypsum board partition fire resistance up to 4 hours.

5 sound insulation is good

The use of a single lightweight material, such as aerated concrete, expanded perlite plate and other components of the single-wall thickness of its large to meet the requirements of sound insulation, and paper gypsum board wall has a unique cavity structure, with a very Good sound insulation performance.

6 easy processing, good construction

The gypsum board has a nail, canvas, sawable, sticky performance, for interior decoration, can achieve the desired decorative effect, just cut the knife can be free to cut the paper gypsum board, construction is very Convenient, use it to do decorative materials can greatly improve the construction efficiency.

7 save space

The use of paper gypsum board for the wall, the wall thickness of up to 74mm, and can ensure that the wall of the noise, anti-performance.

8 comfortable living function

As the gypsum board porosity is large, and the pore structure distribution is appropriate, it has a high permeability. When the indoor humidity is high, can be moisture, and when the air is dry, but also release part of the water, and thus play a certain role in the regulation of indoor humidity, foreign gypsum board this function called "breathing" It is precisely because the gypsum board has this unique "breathing" performance, can be adjusted within a certain range of indoor humidity, so that more comfortable living conditions.

9 green environmental protection

The gypsum board is made of natural gypsum and paper as raw material, and it does not contain asbestos harmful to the human body (the vast majority of calcium silicate boards and cement fiberboard are made of asbestos as reinforcing material).

10 Lightweight

With gypsum board for the wall, the weight is only the same thickness of the brick wall 1/15, block the wall of the 1/10, is conducive to structural seismic, and can effectively reduce the basic and structural cost.

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