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What About The World's 22 Most Distinctive Container Building Applications?

- Dec 23, 2017 -

Nowadays, some people prefer to buy large houses with concrete structures or steel and glass to improve their social status, while others choose different houses to meet their needs. What about living in a container? Here are 4 container buildings.


1. Container hotel designed by Poteet Architects

The hotel is made of recycled containers, painted blue, cut into two parts, installed with glass and large sliding doors.

The front of the building has a small patio with a small roof, so the rain doesn't splash directly on the door. The interior features a warm, comfortable feel of the wood on the wall.

The combination of bold colors and materials makes this structure a great leisure space and can also be seen around the landscape. This unique concept of residence and design is completed.


2. Container houses designed by Adam Kalkin

Adam Kalkin, a New Jersey architect, USES recycled containers to design and build his own home, partly because of the cost and strength.

You could say it's a house, because in this huge building, there's a smaller individual element, just like a traditional house. In fact, indoor and outdoor combination of large glass sliding doors and interior house structures.


Marcio Kogan designed colorful container buildings

The project was designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan. The container house is designed to make use of industrial elements that can be easily assembled in a very short period of time. To solve special restrictions, they stack these containers.

After a high degree of problem solving, it is the problem of width. To solve this problem, Marcio Kogan built two containers of height but more spacious space. Thus, due to a series of expansion doors, the living space can be extended to the outdoors. The house is equipped with all the amenities of a common house with different styles and unique ideas. With vivid colors and green environments, this space is a playground for fun young people.


4. Starbucks container coffee shop

The new building can only put down the coffee machine and employee workspaces, but it's fun to be thought of as a trailblazer for other businesses (which don't require a large indoor space).

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