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PET Polyester Geotextile Price

Weight:100-800g Width:1-6m Length:50-100m or as customers request Colour:White,Black and others MOQ:1000 square meter Delivery :10-30days Packing:woven bag or as customers request

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Product Details

PET Polyester Geotextile Price

Product Introduction:



Length:50-100m or as customers' request

Colour:White,Black and others

MOQ:1000 square meter

Delivery :10-30days

Packing:woven bag or as customers' request

Product Feature:

  1. Geotextile can make the water flow easily,and form a drainage chanel in the soil,and then make the liquid and gas out of the soil.

  2. Make use of its pulling resistance and deformation resistance that can strength the soil to reinforce the stability of the construction structure and improve the soil's quality.

  3. Make the focus proliferate,deliver and decompose efficiently and prevent the soil from destruction from outside factor.

  4. Prevent the top and bottom layer's gravel,soil and concrete from mixed.

  5. The mesh cannot be plugged easily-for the strain and moving quality of the network that formed by the antitype fiber.

  6. High soaking quality-at the pressure of soil,it also can keep good soaking quality.

  7. Corrosion resistant-using the polypropylene and polyester as raw material,it can resist the sour and aid,erosion,boring and oxidation.

  8. The construction is easy ,the weight is light ,convenient for using , and it making construction easy.

Product Thechnical Parameter

1.Non woven needle punched polyester PET geotextile

Unit weight variation %-8-8-8-8-7-7-7-7-6-6-6-6TD/MD
Thickness mm0.
Width variation %-0.5
Breaking strength KN/m2.54.56.589.51112.51416202531
Breaking elongation %25-100
CBR brst strength KN0.
Seive size mm0.07-0.2
Tear strength KN0.

2.Non woven needle punched long fiber polyester geotextile

deviation of mass per unit %66655555444TD/MD
Thickness   mm≥
Rate deviation %-0.5
Breaking strength KN/m  ≥4.57.51012.515.017.520.522.525.030.040.0
Elongation at break %40-80
CBR bursting strength KN≥
EOS O90 (O95)mm0.07-0.2
Coefficient of verticallyKx(10-1-10-3) K=1.0-9.9
Tearing strength KN≥

3.Non Woven needle punched polypropylene (PP) geotextile


Grab tensile

strength (MD/CD)


Grab elongation



Trapezoidal Tear

Strength (MD/CD)


CBR mullen burst


Breaking strengthKN≥5.0≥5.5≥11≥12≥16≥19≥22≥28≥35≥50
Beaking elongation%50-10050-90
Dry sieve size O90mm≤0.1

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Hebei Qianjin Nonwoven Co.,Ltd

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