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Aseismatic Steel Structure House

Aseismatic steel structure house Key words one, the "seismic response" of acceleration: Earthquakes are caused by the shaking and jolting of the ground and the acceleration of the mass of each part of the house. Therefore, all parts of the house are affected by the earthquake force. It...

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Aseismatic steel structure house

Earthquakes are caused by the shaking and jolting of the ground and the acceleration of the mass of each part of the house. Therefore, all parts of the house are affected by the earthquake force. It was like a sieve. People were shaking and tossing with a sieve, although they did not touch the lantern with their fingers, but they all rolled around. In addition to the quake zone, the earthquake shook the house horizontally. The buildings in the earthquake zone are required to have the lateral force structure, such as seismic wall, support, etc. These structures are not used in normal times, but they are in the way, but they help in high winds and big earthquakes. Some people buy a house, decorate very much, lest it is not thorough, open a hole not to be satisfied. The earthquake has come, not only to their own misfortune, but also to the neighbors.

Key words two, resistance to deformation "rigidity" and resistance to destruction "strength" :

The ability of a house to resist deformation is called stiffness, and the ability to resist damage is called strength. The lighter weight of the building is better for the earthquake. The mass is small and the earthquake force is small. But the house is not the better. Very thick walls, maybe more vertical gravity loads, but sometimes more seismic forces. In the same building, the earthquake force is also distributed according to the stiffness, the stiffness is large. As the saying goes, do not work in China without diamonds. The biggest fear is that the stiffness is large and the strength is small, such as thick brick and stone wall, the initial stiffness is very big, the tree is big and the wind, attract a lot of earthquake force. But the strength does not quarrel, can not hold so big force, easily collapses. If properly designed, steel structure seismic performance is better, because the strength is big, if do light, quality but big stiffness, and with draw earthquake force is small, and resistance ability, is safer. But the stiffness is not as small as possible. The structure is too soft, the deformation is too big, the wind and the grass also shake to sway, not only uncomfortable, and will have additional force to appear. So it's good to be soft.

Key words three, the sudden appearance of "brittle" destruction and the "ductility" of warning:

Brittle damage is sudden, and ductility damage is predicted. First, we see that the beam is cracked and deformed, and may be able to escape. Brick and concrete are actually brittle materials, easy to break suddenly. For example, a lot of brick walls in the earthquake area have an X - shaped crack, which is a kind of brittle failure. When concrete is reinforced, there is a certain ductility. For example, if the beam is bent, the tensile reinforcement is beyond the limit of elastic strength, and it will continue to stretch without breaking, just like a cowhide. In fact, it is more important to be careful of the shear of reinforced concrete members. The reinforced concrete columns are subjected to shear forces, which are prone to brittle failure. The method is to add steel hoop. Japan's hanshin earthquake, some of the elevated columns collapse, not the longitudinal reinforcement, but the steel hoop too few. Often we build houses, add a lot of longitudinal reinforcement, and neglect the steel hoop. In the history of world disaster, eating this loss is too much. The masonry structure should be added according to the specification and the beam and so on, must not be taken lightly. The structure usually carries a heavy burden for people, but if the design is not good, the earthquake will become a deadly bomb. China produces nearly 500 million tons of steel annually, ranking first in the world. The steel structure is light and strong, can be prefabricated in the hard-hit area, the transportation and installation is more convenient and quick. Reasonable design of some steel structure schools, hospitals, combined with some lightweight floor boards, wall panels, while considering thermal insulation. It is of great practical significance for post-disaster reconstruction.

Keyword four, "the" energy dissipation "design: if the housing structure, good ductility, strength enough, the earthquake brought a lot of energy, through the structure deformation, repeatedly pulling like candy, my back and pull continuously, but the strength to pull out. After the earthquake, the house may be cracked, may be overhauled, or may have to give up, but as long as it is strong enough to hold up, it will be very good. So over the years, the world has spent a lot of energy on structural energy consumption. The traditional structure, such as strong column weak beam, eccentric support, node energy consumption, strengthen the constraints, and so on has good effect, active energy in isolation, passive energy dissipation, the aspects of scientific research also has a lot of progress. Damping has a power dissipation. Adding structural damping, such as viscous dampers, is also effective. Some methods are too expensive, some are not mature enough, but everywhere elaborate design, enhance ductility, increase energy consumption, still have a lot to do.

Key words: the "fortification intensity" of schools and hospitals should be improved:

The state has made provisions for the safety of all kinds of houses in different areas. And these regulations, also need to be adjusted according to earthquake disaster, national strength. It is suggested that hospitals and schools should increase the intensity of the fortification intensity in some areas and improve the intensity of the fortification of important buildings such as hospitals and schools. Special attention should be paid to ensuring that the columns and walls do not have brittle damage. We must lift our weight and do our best to rebuild the disaster areas. To prepare for a rainy day, we immediately set out to do the necessary reinforcement for the seismic survey of hospitals and school buildings in other areas where there is no earthquake.

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