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New partition wall panel features

Lightweight partition board Environmental protection The use of raw materials does not contain harmful substances to human body, non-radioactive A products. fire The fire resistance limit at 1000 degrees Celsius is not less than 3 hours, and it does not emit poisonous gas, and the...

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New partition wall panel features

Environmental protection

The use of raw materials does not contain harmful substances to human body, non-radioactive A products.


The fire resistance limit at 1000 degrees Celsius is not less than 3 hours, and it does not emit poisonous gas, and the non-combustibility can meet the national a-level standard.

Expand housing space

The light partition board divides into interior wall and exterior wall, the partition board of interior wall can enlarge the space of the house adequately.

Good overall

Because is prefabricated construction, triad of ontology structure, board with board connected into a whole, strong shock resistance, steel anchorage structure method, wall intensity is high, can make the height, span the interval of the wall, the overall seismic performance is higher than ordinary masonry wall many times. The composite wall partition wall system structure is close, integral good, not deformation, the wall is not easy to loose, the earthquake resistance is good.

Moistureproof waterproof

Experiments show that lightweight wallboard can not do any waterproof decorative surface conditions, with cement bond into a pool filled with water body, the back light wallboard can keep dry, leaving no trace, also won't appear the condensed water bead in wet weather. The panel of lightweight partition board is a professional waterproof panel, with good waterproof and moisture-proof property, which can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, basement and other humid areas.

Sound insulation

With sound insulation effect, the sound insulation effect conforms to the sound insulation requirements of the national residence, which is much higher than the sound insulation effect of other brickwork walls.

Simple and fast construction

Completely dry work, assembly type construction, wall panel can be cut and adjust the width, length. During construction, the transportation is simple and sanitary, no mortar batch is needed, and the construction period is shortened greatly, and the material loss rate is low, and the construction waste is reduced.

Heat insulation

The manufacturing process of lightweight partition board determines good thermal insulation function and makes your indoor environment more comfortable.

Hang power

Composite wall panel can be directly nailing or expansion bolt hanging heavy objects, and won't produce dust wall panel surface level off is smooth, can be directly stickup ceramic tile, wall paper, material such as wood trim do finish processing.

Light economic

The construction is simple and convenient, the labor intensity is reduced, the construction progress is accelerated, the total cost of the project is saved, and the requirements of different customers on the indoor and outdoor environment of modern buildings are satisfied.

Lightweight partition board is a new type of energy-saving wall materials, it is a kind of appearance like hollow floor of wall materials, but it has male female hawk groove on both sides, just put the plate stand when installation, male and female falcon coated with a small amount of rebuilt after sealing mortar. Lightweight partition board has the advantages of light weight, high strength, multiple environmental protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation, humidity control, fire prevention, rapid construction and lower wall cost. Weight is only about one 8 of the solid brick wall, achieve C30 strength, thermal conductivity is only a third of the solid brick wall, only a quarter of the solid brick wall acoustic conduction rate, automatically adjust the indoor humidity of the air, to save land occupation by the industrial waste residue, put an end to the air and water pollution caused by industrial waste, saving the cost of the wall of fifteen percent to 20, improve construction efficiency three to five times.

In addition, because it is the use of disposal of phosphogypsum in wet process production, no need to phosphorus gypsum dewatering and drying processing, so don't need expensive equipment investment, therefore may say the advent of lightweight partition board technology will unveil a new chapter in comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum, outstanding environmental protection significance. Modification of lightweight partition board is the light burning magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, calcium silicon, such as composite gelled material as the main body, by adding the independent research and development of magnesium in jinan jia figure GX - V series magnesium the modifying agent, adding fly ash and other industrial waste, as the crops straw plant fiber made of high strength lightweight wall materials. The inner is equipped with a reasonable layout of heat insulation and sound absorption of inorganic foaming profile or other insulating materials, wallboard through pipelining pouring, leveling, scientific maintenance and production automation degree is high, specifications varieties.

This product can be widely used in office, business, residential building interior partition. Easy to install, easy to grasp, the market prospect is broad, suitable for investment entrepreneurs to develop.

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