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Modular Prefabricated Container House

Container house as a new type of modular building,The structure of container house is simple,safe and lower requirements for foundation,with the characteristics of quick assembling , less trasportation cost ,long service life,ect.

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Light Steel Structure Modular Prefabricated Container House

Container house as a new type of modular building,The structure of container house is simple,safe and lower requirements for foundation,with the characteristics of quick assembling , less trasportation cost ,long service life,ect.No loss for disassembly and assembly,no construction waste , and can be used as an office,accommodation,dining hall,bathroom,entertainment and a combination of large space,to meet all kinds of commercial housing requirements,such as the construction sites,municipal temporary housing,field operation barracks,emergency resettlement housing,schools,hospitals,tourism Inn,ect.

It’s featured by perfabricated,flexible,energy saving and environmental friendly and so on. Thus,It is called “Green Building”.


The contianer house consists of top structure, base structure,corner post and interchangeable wallboard,and use modular design and production technology to make the container into standardized components and assemble those components on site.This product takes the container as a basic unit,the structure uses special cold rolled galvanized steel,wall materials are all non-combustible materials,plumbing & electrical and decoration & facilities are all prefabricated in the factory completely,no further construction,ready to be used after assemble and lifting on-site. The containers can be used independently or combined into spacious room and multi - story building through different combining in horizontal and vertical direction.



Container house is designed referring to the modern home elements,according to the different environments and requirements of the housing,it can be free assembly and dis-assembly .For the changes of the environments , the user can choose the way of assembling to build the personalized house , and can adjust the foundation of the building to meet the requirements of different ground situations .The surface of the house can also be attached to other building decoration materials as the building enveloped and the surface decoration.

Container house is composed by the container unit,can be superimposed and combined arbitrarily . A container unit can be an entire room or a number of rooms , or a part of large room . Container house can be assembled any length and width direction and stacked three storey ,and added the roof ,balcony etc. The top frame and the bottom frame are heat preservation,and the design is more reasonable.The decoration of



Anti-seismic is grade 8 , wind resistance is grade 12 , the service life is more than 20 years . The material of container house if high quality and also recyclable,economical and environmental .The wall material is 75mm thick double-sided colour steel and glass wool sandwich panel,that can play a good thermal insulation,moisture resistance, heat insulation effect , heat conduction coefficient≤0.033w/(m.k) and also has sound insulation function , and comfortable . Container house is better than traditional perfab house in sound insulation,fireproofing, moisture proofing ,heat preservation more.

Foundation :

Foundation use simple concerete pouring method or ground mat brick,or put on the ground directly,no need for bolt connection,there is no need for ground treatment construction,due to the floor system of the container house.


Quick installation and short construction period, 4 labors an install a container within 3 hours.also the cotnainer can be shipped after being installed,on site after water and electricity connecting it can be used.On one day installation,and be used the same day.


Container house can move easily with accessories,no need to disassemble , no loss , can be inventory and used repeatedly, not only can save money , but also have higher residual value . Housing wall , ceiling , electricity , door and windows , usually are one-time renovation , but permanent using , that will be energy saving and environmental and article.


The container house can be flat packed , applicable to sea and land transportation.

Land transport:17.4 meters of flat car can be installed 12 sets .

Sea Transportation:usually 1*40HQ can pack 6 container houses.



The container house takes the “factory manufacture + on - site installing ” mod, so it can reduce the water and concrete of construction about 60% , reduce the construction and decoration garbage about 70% ,energy saving is about 50% , the overall production efficiency improve about 2-3 times.Space formed between the different containers, will be used for greening , planting turf or ornamental plants, potted plants . etc,and for reasonably use , it will save more land.


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